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Applies to Collaborator 14.5, last modified on May 06, 2024

Update Site

Eclipse can be configured to automatically download the Collaborator plug-in, and even to check periodically for updates. If you already know how to do this, all you will need to know is that our Eclipse update site is located here:

Otherwise, read on for step-by-step installation instructions.

Installation Instructions

Here are detailed instructions for how to install our plug-in in Eclipse:

  1. Open Eclipse IDE.

  2. Select Help > Install New Software from the main menu.

  3. Type "" in the Work with field and select Enter. Then check Collaborator and click Next.

  4. Click Next to finish the Install Details page.

  5. Check I accept the terms of the license agreement and click Finish to start the install.

  6. A progress dialog appears as Eclipse installs the plug-ins.

  7. Click Install anyway to close the Security Warning popup about unsigned plug-ins.

  8. Click Yes in the Software Updates popup to restart Eclipse.

Uninstallation Instructions

To uninstall the plugin:

  1. Open Eclipse IDE.

  2. Select Help > About from the main menu. Click Installation Details. This will open a dialog with more details about your installation.

  3. Click the Installed Software tab to see a list of the software items that you have installed into your system.

  4. Select Collaborator and click Uninstall.

Additionally you will need to remove the Collaborator Eclipse Plug-in files from the Eclipse plugins folder. This is especially important if you plan to re-install the plugin later.

  1. Go to Eclipse Plug-in's folder. It is typically located at the following path:


  2. Select all jar-files and folders that start with com.smartbear.collaborator.

  3. Delete these files and folders from the folder.

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