Version 11.3

Applies to Collaborator 14.6, last modified on July 10, 2024

This topic describes the changes made to Collaborator 11.3. For information on the changes made to other versions of the product, see Version History.

11.3.11302 - March 28, 2019

  • fixed - In some cases Collaborator did not release license on logout (COLLAB-5529)

11.3.11301 - May 16, 2018

  • fixed - Defect-Custom-Fields' default values are not selected when creating defects (COLLAB-4177)

  • fixed - User Login Prompt  is not shown on the "Login" page (COLLAB-4169)

  • fixed - Collaborator Community Edition Shows a "This version of the product doesn't support external authentication" message (COLLAB-4161)

11.3.11300 - April 24, 2018

  • added - Modern WebUI. User interface of Web client have been significantly improved. Home Screen, Review Screen, Diff Viewer and other pages were reworked to produce nicer look and feel and produce greater usability (COLLAB-3193)

  • added - WebUI themes. Several pre-defined UI themes that control the visual style of Web client. Administrators may specify the default WebUI theme for the entire server, while regular users can select their own preferred WebUI theme in User Preferences. (COLLAB-3316)

  • added - Simplified revision selection in Diff Viewer. New mode provides easier way to select which revisions should be compared in Diff Viewer. (COLLAB-3301)

  • added - Creating bugs in JIRA issue-tracker. Now, you can create tickets in your JIRA issue-tracker directly from the Collaborator reviews. (COLLAB-2908)

  • added - Automatic user and group synchronization with LDAP and Active Directory. Administrators now can configure user and group mapping between Collaborator and the LDAP directory or Active Directory. In this case, Collaborator will retrieve user properties (name, phone, email, and so forth) and their membership in groups when the users login.  If the user or group does not exist on server, Collaborator will create it automatically. (COLLAB-1238)

  • added - RTC support in Visual Studio Extension. Now you can create reviews for RTC changesets and work items directly from Visual Studio  (COLLAB-2610)

  • added - Document review enhancements. Collaborator now supports reviewing Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, Microsoft Visio graphics, as well as documents, spreadsheets and presentations in OpenDocument format. (COLLAB-3227)

    Document reviews (except for text-based and image files) is only supported on 64-bit Collaborator servers. On 32-bit platforms, Collaborator may fail to process  the documents due to insufficient memory.
  • added - Wildcard and regexp support in branch names. The "Branches to track" and the "Ignore pushes for branches" settings of repository hosting configurations now accept the "*" wildcard to match all branches and regular expression to match specific branch name patterns. (COLLAB-3203)

  • added - Command-line and JSON API commands to manage group subscriptions (COLLAB-2800)

  • added - Validate support for Java 9 (COLLAB-3186)

  • added - New --notification-level parameter of the ccollab admin user edit and ccollab admin group edit commands allows managing email notifications on user and group levels. (COLLAB-3111)

  • added - Validate support for Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (COLLAB-2683)

  • added - Email notification template for the review deadline change event (COLLAB-2521)

  • added - Validate support for Windows Server 2016 (COLLAB-2460)

  • added- Search-as-you-type functionality for drop-down list custom fields. That is, you may type-in first few letters of item name to narrow down the list of available items. (COLLAB-1833)

  • fixed - Cross-site scripting vulnerability of Log-in page (COLLAB-3696)

  • fixed - Excel: Need to support colors and text formatting (COLLAB-3624, COLLAB-2352)

  • fixed - Perforce addchangelist new throws error if "Overview" custom field is disabled. (COLLAB-3606)

  • fixed - Add warning to Eclipse when changing templates (COLLAB-3600)

  • fixed - Need to implement additional logic for deleted files in history (COLLAB-3577)

  • fixed - Remote Integrations: changes lost while processing merge commit with specific history (COLLAB-3563)

  • fixed - Cannot add materials from Visual Studio plugin when using collection URL with a space in the name (COLLAB-3554)

  • fixed - Team Edition: Full reporting functionality (COLLAB-3447)

  • fixed - Truly disable news with (COLLAB-3434)

  • fixed - Fix SSO Assertions, etc for NASA (COLLAB-3381)

  • fixed - Chat links do not recognize filenames correctly (COLLAB-3360)

  • fixed - Typo in Visual Studio plugin "chagesets" (COLLAB-3356)

  • fixed - Eclipse client cannot open a perspecive (COLLAB-3343)

  • fixed - Java 9: We ignore Java 9 on machine (COLLAB-3287)

  • fixed - The "Respect permissions" value of "Report access" setting was ignored (COLLAB-3281)

  • fixed - Put the defect ID between the bug icon and the defect description (COLLAB-3280)

  • fixed - Re-position screen when adding defect so Add Defect box does not get clipped (COLLAB-3277)

  • fixed - The completed Review is not shown in "Completed" in the Home Page (COLLAB-3248, COLLAB-3183)

  • fixed - Diff Viewer displayed collapsed references in documents as expanded (COLLAB-3202)

  • fixed - Insecure request redirect (COLLAB-3160)

  • fixed - Visual Studio plug-in: We should use only one user for searching TFS shelvesets (COLLAB-3112, COLLAB-3531)

  • fixed - Perforce: Content triggers should ignore BOM in files (COLLAB-3074)

  • fixed - Handle uncaught JavaScript errors (COLLAB-3072)

  • fixed - Diff Viewer: Word file which contains charts cannot be opened (COLLAB-3036)

  • fixed - Cannot add changelist because of configpath issue in PTC MKS integrity (COLLAB-2992)

  • fixed - GUI Client crashes on Linux (COLLAB-2979)

  • fixed - Diff Viewer is not displaying the line numbers correctly. (COLLAB-2963)

  • fixed - Server can still set malformed V6_CLIENT_LOGIN_TICKET_HEADER (COLLAB-2962)

  • fixed - Eclispe plugin does not work if Subversive plugin is installed (COLLAB-2948)

  • fixed - Syntax Highlighting: The "New Pattern" command modifies existing pattern (COLLAB-2927)

  • fixed - JSON API: Problem with processing document conversion errors (COLLAB-2878)

  • fixed - Permanent descriptions for custom fields (COLLAB-2867)

  • fixed - Sometimes comments are marked as read in Diff Viewer and as unread in Review Screen. (COLLAB-2835)

  • fixed - Tray Notifier requires an access to the cacerts file to establish HTTPS connections (COLLAB-2756)

  • fixed - "Untitled Review" Notification sent by the system to author/creator of the review (COLLAB-2744)

  • fixed - Reports: 'CSV' retrieves data which does not belong to a report (COLLAB-2734)

  • fixed - Minimizing Diff Viewer window should not hide its buttons (COLLAB-2656)

  • fixed - File subscriber who does not belong to a group is added to a review having "Group Based" access restriction. (COLLAB-2587)

  • fixed - Review Custom Fields: Drop-down series limited by 51200 symbols (COLLAB-2552)

  • fixed - Defect custom fields are not aligned and resizeable (COLLAB-2547)

  • fixed - Automatic links of URLs do not convert trailing slashes (COLLAB-2530)

  • fixed - User receives notification when P4V creates a review even with 'Minimal' notification level. (COLLAB-2514)

  • fixed - if you connect to https collaborator server (COLLAB-2508)

  • fixed - Improper "Review complete" notification because "Accepted" comments were treated as unread comments. (COLLAB-2457)

  • fixed - iCal Everyone: Validator for Start/End date/time should be added (COLLAB-2448)

  • fixed - Spreadsheets: Merged cells are unreadable in Diff Viewer (COLLAB-2088)

  • fixed - Collaborator cannot convert certain types of images embedded into Word document (COLLAB-1858)

  • fixed - Eclipse 4.5: Mouse scrolling does not work in editor windows due to Focus change (COLLAB-1290)

  • fixed - Now reviewers in "waiting" state will receive notifications of other participant/author activity during the Rework phase, by default. (in previous versions they did not). New VM option was added that controls whether "waiting" reviewers will get notifications in this case or not. (COLLAB-1063)

Discontinued Support

With the release of Collaborator 11.3, we will no longer support Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 8.x. and 9.x. Besides, the Eclipse Plug-in will no longer support  integration via the Subversive plug-in versions 3.x.

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