Version 11.2

Applies to Collaborator 14.5, last modified on April 09, 2024

This topic describes the changes made to Collaborator 11.2. For information on the changes made to other versions of the product, see Version History.

11.2.11201 - November 24, 2017

  • added - In-product chat. To help trial users get started with the product faster and shorten the learning period, we added a new Chat panel to Collaborator. Trial users can speak with SmartBear engineers here. To start a conversation, click the Chat button in the bottom-right corner of Collaborator Web Interface and enter your message. (COLLAB-3399)

  • fixed - Fixed integration with GitLab v10.1.1 (COLLAB-3424)

  • fixed - Fix BitBucket integration for non-standard domain root/context path (COLLAB-3421)

  • fixed - Fix upgrade issue with bad pushpin data (COLLAB-3350)

11.2.11200 - October 10, 2017

  • added - Native SAMLv2 support for the web interface is now available. Read Single Sign-On to learn more about single sign-on authentication and Configuring SSO via SAML for detailed instructions on enabling SAML single sign-on. (COLLAB-1795)

  • added - TFS Work Items Integration. Now Collaborator can update reviews with links to Team Foundation Server work items associated with reviewed changesets/shelvesets. And vice versa, it  can update TFS work items with links to reviews on corresponding changeset/shelveset. (COLLAB-3119)

  • added - Visual Studio Extension now share SCM configurations with GUI Client and command-line client. You can create new configurations and modify existing SCM configurations in the Options dialog. (COLLAB-3032)

  • added - The Getting Started wizard is now displayed when you open the Collaborator View window and the Visual Studio Extension is not yet configured. (COLLAB-2995)

  • added - The Remote System Links section was added to the Review Screen of Visual Studio Extension and to the Review Editor of Eclipse Plug-in. This section lists all pull requests, direct pushes and issue-tracking items associated with the review, as well  as the current status of those items. (COLLAB-2958, COLLAB-2959)

  • added - Visual Studio Extension now uses the C# TFS SDK to interact with Team Foundation Server. You can now retrieve a list of changesets and shelvesets and select them visually, rather that entering changeset IDs by hand. (COLLAB-2607, COLLAB-2608)

  • added - Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (COLLAB-2683)

  • added - Debug logger was added to Visual Studio Extension (COLLAB-3050)

  • fixed - RTC plugin for Visual Studio created corrupted links to reviews (COLLAB-3185)

  • fixed - Review Pools did not receive email notifications when minimum number of participants was reached (COLLAB-3170)

  • fixed - The Select Team Project drop-down list of GUI Client was not sorted (COLLAB-3169)

  • fixed - Reviews were not created for the Bitbucket cloud repositories when the repository owner was a team (COLLAB-3163)

  • fixed - Disabled review templates are still available for selection in Eclipse (COLLAB-3142)

  • fixed - 'My Role' was not shown for 'Completed' reviews on home page (COLLAB-3128)

  • fixed - Web client displays a blank page after saving defect custom fields (COLLAB-3113)

  • fixed - Typo in Review Detail Report (COLLAB-3052)

  • fixed - Defect Log section contains two similar 'Date' columns (COLLAB-3035)

  • fixed - Visual Studio extension did not show the user name if the "Full name" field was not filled. (COLLAB-2981)

  • fixed - Bitbucket pull requests accumulate irrelevant build statuses from multiple reviews. (COLLAB-2915)

  • fixed - The Save button was disabled on the "Review custom fields" page in the Collaborator Team edition. (COLLAB-2762)

  • fixed - The "Orientation" and "Display order settings" were not saved (COLLAB-2711)

  • fixed - Member of review pool should have access to a review (COLLAB-2686)

  • fixed - Text wrapping issue in comments on the DiffViewer (COLLAB-2636)

  • fixed - Chat panel sometimes disappears in DiffViewer (COLLAB-1972)

Discontinued Support

With the release of Collaborator 11.2, we will no longer support the SOAP API. It was deprecated in version 9.4 and has now been removed.

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