Version 11.1

Applies to Collaborator 14.6, last modified on July 10, 2024

This topic describes the changes made to Collaborator 11.1. For information on the changes made to other versions of the product, see Version History.

11.1.11103 - September 24, 2017

  • fixed - Fix upgrade issue with bad pushpin data (COLLAB-3350)

  • fixed - Fix open redirects (COLLAB-3350)

11.1.11101 - August 13, 2017

  • fixed - DiffViewer: Highlighting is not in line with a content (COLLAB-3024)

11.1.11100 - August 1, 2017

  • fixed - During server upgrade, the installation wizard now verifies Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) drivers that your server uses to connect to MySQL, SQL Server or Oracle databases. If these are legacy JDBC drivers, the wizard removes them. In this case you may need to download and install new drivers as described in Database Installation sections. (COLLAB-2467)

  • added - Template Subscriptions - Users can automatically become participants in reviews having a particular template. (COLLAB-2377)

  • added - Author-based subscriptions and file subscriptions for Review Pools - You can now subscribe a review pool group to reviews of some particular author as well as to reviews where some particular files are reviewed.  (COLLAB-1537, COLLAB-2838)

  • added - Ability to archive review materials that are no longer used in active reviews. This will allow to periodically reduce the size of server's content cache folder which stores all review materials. (COLLAB-1228)

  • added - You may now create a new review by copying any of existing reviews. This approach allows to retain some data (participant list, custom fields values, review materials) from the original review. See Copying Previous Review for details. (COLLAB-2312)

  • added - JIRA Integration now allows to associate issues with reviews and vice versa, hyperlink mentioned issues, move or mirror defects from Collaborator to your issue-tracking system. Previous implementation of JIRA integration, which allowed creating reviews from JIRA tickets' linked commits or using JIRA as notification channel, remains functional but was renamed to JIRA Legacy Integration. (COLLAB-2594)

  • added - new Remote System Links section to the Review Screen. This section lists all pull requests, direct pushes and issue-tracking items associated with the review, as well  as the current statuses of those items. (COLLAB-2794)

  • added - Support for Team Foundation Server 2017 (COLLAB-2696)

  • added - Collaborator Visual Studio Extension now supports for Visual Studio 2017 (COLLAB-2695)

  • added - Collaborator GUI and command-line clients now use TFS SDK to interact with Team Foundation Server integrations. For GUI Client this made possible to retrieve a list of changesets and select them visually, rather that entering changeset IDs by hand. (COLLAB-2606, COLLAB-2609)

  • added -  The logic of "Visible Phase" and "Due by Phase" custom field options was re-adjusted to meet some of our customer use-cases. (COLLAB-2462)

  • added - Web Client now displays date and time values in "yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm" format. However, the default date and time format can be changed via user preferences. (COLLAB-792)

  • added - RTC client plug-in now supports RTC servers versions from  4.x to 6.03. Previously, because of RTC API changes in RTC 6.0.1, for RTC 4.x-6.0 servers you had to use one version of plug-in and another version for RTC 6.0.1 servers. (COLLAB-2579)

  • added - Now administrators can create a dump with all reviews of some particular user (COLLAB-2637)

  • fixed - GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket Cloud: "File not found" exception occur when merging a branch where some file have been deleted in its' parent branch (COLLAB-2815)

  • fixed - GitHub: pull request comment not reflected in review (COLLAB-2805)

  • fixed - GitLab, Bitbucket Cloud: make possible to use repo clone URL in remote systems (COLLAB-2781)

  • fixed - Disable password autocomplete on login form (COLLAB-2723)

  • fixed - GitLab: Comments not added to a review (COLLAB-2718)

  • fixed - Git's "The file will have its original line endings in your working directory." message is not ignored (COLLAB-2707)

  • fixed - Oracle: Slow search in CLOBs (COLLAB-2692)

  • fixed - The "Respect permissions" value of "Report access" setting was ignored (COLLAB-2687)

  • fixed - Poking a user in Annotating phase makes that Review invisible to that user under my reviews from the Collaborator Homepage (COLLAB-2679)

  • fixed - Bitbucket Server commit may contain no more than 25 files, Bitbucket Cloud commit may contain no more than 10 files (COLLAB-2662)

  • fixed - Redesign addchangelist flow for Perforce, remove redundant use of "p4 change" command (COLLAB-2654)

  • fixed - Visual Studio Extension does not support line comments for .cshtml files (COLLAB-2633)

  • fixed - Cannot upload .doc and .docx files if they are added to the "Binary file" list (COLLAB-2597)

  • fixed - Cannot restore dump file with huge .xml files in it (COLLAB-2593)

  • fixed - Perforce: the update-changelist trigger does not use the most recent review for description (COLLAB-2583)

  • fixed - Large Oracle database may cause Home Screen performance issue while loading action items (COLLAB-2578)

  • fixed - PDF's in Diff Viewer blurry at 1000% Magnification (COLLAB-2565)

  • fixed - The "ccollab admin wget" command-line command allows to archive reviews for users who have no access to this review (COLLAB-2540)

  • fixed - There's no option to drop the --devpath argument usage while in PTC integration (COLLAB-2526)

  • fixed - The [Supported Character Sets] link does not work (COLLAB-2501)

  • fixed - The default review template value for groups is not updated (COLLAB-2499)

  • fixed - Reviews can move to completed by clicking Wait button first (COLLAB-2461)

  • fixed - A file uploaded to Collaborator should have the same filename when it is downloaded from the DiffViewer (COLLAB-2435)

  • fixed - Author should be notified if no materials are attached when begins a review (COLLAB-2335)

  • fixed - Disabling Collaborator news feed causes SEVERE error entries in the error.log file (COLLAB-2332)

  • fixed - Link to Collaborator review from RTC workitems is broken (COLLAB-2328)

  • fixed - Email notifications does not contain SSO-compatible URLs (COLLAB-2323)

  • fixed - Changing group in review resets all information (COLLAB-2300)

  • fixed - The "None" item in the Default review template drop-down list does not make sense (COLLAB-2293)

  • fixed - Deleting the JIRA Project custom field does not delete the field's items (COLLAB-2279)

  • fixed - Incorrect order of files displayed in the Diff Viewer (COLLAB-2167)

  • fixed - "Add Perforce diffs" command incorrectly marks files as deleted/added (COLLAB-2027)

  • fixed - "Save to ZIP" creates "0" size report (COLLAB-1978)

  • fixed - Eclipse: Collaborator perspective hangs up (COLLAB-1938)

  • fixed - Command-line commands fail to find users with numerical logins (COLLAB-1877)

  • fixed - RTC: Wrong order for loading collab server jar files by Tomcat 8 (COLLAB-1855)

  • fixed - ccollab admin review-xml command does not return the deadline value (COLLAB-1848)

  • fixed - Moving review to another phase does not change "Author" state (COLLAB-1794)

  • fixed - Incorrect locations of pushpin defects in CSV Reports (COLLAB-1768)

  • fixed - P4DashGParser cannot parse changelists with huge descriptions (COLLAB-1688)

  • fixed - When non-standard role configuration is used, reviewers may need to approve the same review twice (COLLAB-1673)

  • fixed - Participant state was shown as "Approved" even if they have sent a review to rework (COLLAB-1436)

  • fixed - Participant drop down does not show full list of users when this list is too long (COLLAB-1205)

  • fixed - Better resolution for documents in DiffViewer (COLLAB-709)

Discontinued Support

With the release of Collaborator 11.1, we will no longer support uploading URL's as review materials.

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