Version 10.1.10100

Applies to Collaborator 14.5, last modified on May 06, 2024

This topic describes the changes made to Collaborator 10.1.10100. For information on the changes made to other versions of the product, see Version History.

  • added - Bitbucket Integration - Now you can use Collaborator to review changes on Bitbucket Cloud server (COLLAB-1509)

  • added - Advanced User Permissions - You may grant certain users with elevated permissions, so that they become able to perform some of administrative tasks: manage and create user groups, manage templates, custom fields, checklists, roles, automatic links (COLLAB-1229)

  • added - Savings Report - New type of report that displays how much money you have saved by using Collaborator compared to non-code reviewed process (COLLAB-1951)

  • added - Admin Settings have been restructured and divided into several tabs to group related items and reduce the amount of scrolling (COLLAB-1943, COLLAB-1945)

  • added - Template management: default review template (COLLAB-1859)

  • added - New Diagnostic function to clear up the bad pushpin data in comment and defect table (COLLAB-1813)

  • added - Support for PGP signed commits in Git (COLLAB-1831)

  • added - SSL implementation in JSON (client-side API handling) (COLLAB-1492)

  • added - new JSON (ReviewService.getPinCoordinates) and CLI commands (ccollab pinCoordinates) for obtaining pushpin locations and numbers (COLLAB-1759)

  • added - JIRA integration: Add support for creating empty reviews (COLLAB-1979)

  • added - JIRA integration: Support FishEye servers that are not at the domain root (COLLAB-1876)

  • added - GitHub integration: Ability to track branches like 'prefix/name' (COLLAB-2020)

  • added - GitHub integration: Options to close pull request and/or delete feature branch when the corresponding review completes (COLLAB-1047)

  • added - GitHub integration: checking for empty pull requests (COLLAB-1954)

  • added - VS Extension: Support HTTPS connections (COLLAB-11748)

  • added - VS Extension: Support "Dark" theme (COLLAB-1860)

  • added - VS Extension: Support e-signatures (COLLAB-1815)

  • added - RTC: Select which change set to add (COLLAB-996)

  • fixed - GitHub Enterprise: SSL issue (COLLAB-2090)

  • fixed - ClearCase Remote Client integration issues (COLLAB-2034)

  • fixed - Obfuscating LDAP/database password issues (COLLAB-1988)

  • fixed - Unix's GUI client cannot work on pure 32-bit systems (COLLAB-1956)

  • fixed - Fun Fact logic on Home page was refactored (COLLAB-1940)

  • fixed - Unable to create review if the 'Restrict Access to Review' setting was set to 'Participants only' (COLLAB-1937)

  • fixed - VS Extension: Incorrect review state was displayed (COLLAB-1936)

  • fixed - Comments/Conversation model refactoring (COLLAB-1871)

  • fixed - VS Extension: Use the command line client instead of the GUI client (COLLAB-1862)

  • fixed - Command "ccollab admin user create" throws InternalError if user login already exists (COLLAB-1797)

  • fixed - Property "com.smartbear.ccollab.license.noperiodicupdate" does not function (COLLAB-1779)

  • fixed - Disabled user can perform review via CLI (COLAB-1763)

  • fixed - No Content-Type header in responses to UI requests (COLLAB-1706)

  • fixed - PTC change packages do not include all changed files (COLLAB-1566)

  • fixed - Problem with Perforce environments where both P4CONFIG and P4ENVIRO are defined (COLLAB-1545)

  • fixed - Exception occurs if enter incorrect password during GUI client installation (COLLAB-1544)

  • fixed - Cannot upload changelist to a review unless you are a participant (COLLAB-1407)

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