Version 9.4.9400

Applies to Collaborator 14.5, last modified on April 18, 2024

This topic describes the changes made to Collaborator 9.4.9400. For information on the changes made to other versions of the product, see Version History.

  • added - Rejected and Cancelled reviews can also be archived to Zip (COLLAB-1323)

  • added - Support for Rational Team Concert 6.0 (COLLAB-999)

  • added - Use CSRF tokens during web transactions to prevent cross-site request forgery (COLLAB-1241)

  • added - Administrators can specify a list of file types restricted for upload (to avoid malicious file uploads) (COLLAB-1234)

  • added - Filter user-input to avoid cross-site scripting vulnerability (COLLAB-1233)

  • added - Commands to administer remote system integrations via Command-Line Client (COLLAB-1306)

  • added - File upload security improvement. (COLLAB-1102) Web clients, by default, use an HTML5-based component for file uploads instead of the older Adobe Flash method.

  • added - GitHub integration: New "Ignore pushes for branches" setting to skip review creation for raw pushes to the specified branches.

  • fixed - GitHub integration: Polling thread stops if a comment exists on the pull request before Collab processes it (COLLAB-1373)

  • fixed - GitHub integration creates multiple reviews with a single push to main branch (COLLAB-1352)

  • fixed - Critical error when upgrading from 9.0 if database misses version data for some comments (COLLAB-1338)

  • fixed - JSON API: UserService: login values are case insensitive (COLLAB-1327)

  • fixed - Cannot click on a pushpin and have it select the conversation (COLLAB-1310)

  • fixed - GitHub integration is pulling extra commits into reviews (COLLAB-1299)

  • fixed - GitHub integration commits in the diff viewer show wrong timestamp (COLLAB-1298)

  • fixed - Some groups are missing from the pick-list of new reviews (COLLAB-1273)

  • fixed - Use TLSv1.2 protocol on Java 1.6 clients (COLLAB-1213)

  • fixed - Incorrect time stamp is displayed in DiffViewer for ClearCase Activity in 9200 Client (COLLAB-1174)

  • fixed - Updated Apache PDFBox library to version 1.8.10 to resolve a number of PDF-related document handling issues (COLLAB-1091)

  • fixed - Eclipse client dependency for JGit makes it difficult to install into RTC Eclipse client (COLLAB-962)

  • fixed - DiffViewer does not show upload number correctly when uploading git diffs multiple times (COLLAB-885)

  • fixed - The --non-interactive option is ignored when SSL certificate cannot be validated (COLLAB-357)

  • deprecated - Print To Review virtual printer driver - Collaborator now offers the ability to attach Word, Excel and PDF documents directly to a review. Additionally, you can install Collaborator add-ins for Word and PowerPoint.

  • deprecated - SOAP API - Collaborator introduced a new JSON API in January 2015 and the limited SOAP API is no longer needed.

  • deprecated - XML-RPC API - Collaborator XML-RPC API is no longer needed because of the introduction of the JSON API.

  • deprecated - Visual Studio Add-in - We are currently working on a new add-in that will support Visual Studio 2013 and 2015 (and, hopefully, provide a much better user experience than the existing one).

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