Version 9.0.9000

Applies to Collaborator 14.5, last modified on June 13, 2024


This topic describes the changes made to Collaborator For information on the changes made to other versions of the product, see Version History.

Major features:
  • JSON API web service - a fast and effective way to exchange data between your application and Collaborator server.

  • Git integration with Collaborator Eclipse Plug-in

  • Command-line APIs were refactored.

  • Support for Visual Studio 2013, SQL Server 2014, SVN 1.8.

  • [beta] Ability to move comments in MS Word documents (.doc and .docx), PDFs and images. Supported in Chrome and Firefox only.

More improvements:
  • added — Command-Line Client now has the --use-json-api global option. If this option is specified, the Collaborator server will use a faster JSON API to execute commands.

  • added — Display full path in a tooltip for truncated file path at top of diff viewer (COLLAB-452)

Bug Fixes:
  • fixed — Server-side debugging contains plain text passwords (COLLAB-699)

  • fixed — Cannot approve a review due to unread comments, but there are no unread comments (COLLAB-721)

  • fixed — CVS does not upload all the file as "cvs diff" (COLLAB-299)

  • fixed — Child group loses its child relationship when modified by group admin (COLLAB-683)

  • fixed — Spaces removed after PDF conversion (COLLAB-686)

  • fixed — Schema check misidentifies standard Oracle triggers (COLLAB-557)

  • fixed — Inviting a colleague sends an invalid link to the review (COLLAB-652)

  • fixed — broken I/O behavior around password prompts (COLLAB-735)

  • fixed — Changing review template wipes file-subscription's participants (COLLAB-534)

  • fixed — Populated mandatory review custom field prevents review from changing phases (COLLAB-720)

  • fixed — Square bracket in custom field name breaks database views in MS SQL (COLLAB-547)

  • fixed — Unable to login after upgrade from v.8100.008: Logging install4j errors and ErrorCode404Handler info entries (COLLAB-56)

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