Version 7.2.7218

Applies to Collaborator 14.5, last modified on June 13, 2024

This topic describes the changes made to Collaborator 7.2.7218. For information on the changes made to other versions of the product, see Version History.

  • PeerReview Complete 2012 - Official release!

  • Added --- Diff Viewer completely overhauled with new and improved display and navigation options.

  • Added --- Electronic signatures (PRC only)

  • Added --- .doc and .docx diff support with comment promotion (PRC only)

  • Added --- More detailed performance logging in debug mode for web UI

  • Added --- Image over-under Diff view (Case 62865)

  • Added -- Page Width and Full Page zoom options. Zoom options now a ListBox (Case 61239)

  • fixed --- Diff Viewer no longer produces exceptions with images in IE8 (Case 64346)

  • fixed --- Doc diffs display correctly in IE (Case 64210)

  • fixed --- Consecutive Git commits should not be seen as a rebase

  • fixed --- Eliminated error when clicking 'External Diff' (Case 64120)

  • fixed --- CcollabGui client hangs forever on mac when closing when changes added to review from P4V (Case 63049)

  • fixed --- latest rebase should not trump latest accepted for LATEST_ACCEPTED preference (case 62421)

  • fixed --- preserve scroll when going back to Review Screen from diff

  • fixed --- Syntax highlighting failure means php file will not display in Code Collaborator (Case 63930)

  • fixed --- Overlapping icons in defect log section (Case 63686)

  • fixed --- Check type of dragged item in order to determine overlay display (Case 63882)

  • fixed --- Subclipse NPE on file with Subversion missing status (case 63812)

  • fixed --- mercurial auto detect always returns true if .hg exists on the path ignoring errors

  • fixed --- Fix for move/delete and move/added (Case 62688)

  • fixed --- Chat panel will not place focus on selected comment if it is located toward the top or bottom of the panel (Case 63891)

  • fixed --- Modified check for fileapi support asking for specific functions supported (Case 63753)

  • fixed --- Corrected version Descriptions to avoid 'latest upload' error (Case 63923)

  • fixed --- Subclipse NPE on file with Subversion missing status (case 63812)

  • fixed --- respect "display order" pref in diff viewer, refactoring (Case 63611)

  • fixed --- Document diffs carry over to PDF and Image diff viewers

  • fixed --- Error selecting modified lines in side-by-side (Case 63809)

  • fixed --- no error popup for unexpected server errors

  • fixed --- duplicate text diff context if user clicks too quickly

  • fixed --- Fixed issues with the tooltip creation and with tooltips dissapearing when going to next/prev files (Case 63625)

  • fixed --- Subversive integration does not upload deleted files

  • fixed --- Changing labels for Over/Under transparency control (Case 63585)

  • fixed --- always expand selected convo (Case 63591)

  • fixed --- Fix for glitchy behavior in the drag and drop div when you hover content over the 'Drop files here' legend. (Case 63576)

  • fixed --- Reviews can be created from Eclipse when using a proxy on the Eclipse network connection settings (Case 62217)

  • fixed --- add "--p4client" to "ccollab ensure-content-reviewed" doc (Case 63413)

  • fixed --- improved cache performance when loading Review Overview

  • fixed --- improved performance of DiffCache, used when loading reviews

  • fixed --- do not wrap defect edit buttons

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