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Version 4.0.819

Applies to Collaborator 13.9, last modified on November 04, 2021

This topic describes the changes made to Collaborator 4.0.819. For information on the changes made to other versions of the product, see Version History.

  • added — Log off link on the menu bar. (Case 37923)

  • added — Update button on licensing screen to force update of license codes from SmartBear servers.

  • added — Support for Perforce Eclipse Plugin (P4WSAD) version 2007.3.601 (Case 37916)

  • added — Installer option to preserve existing database settings.

  • added — New icons for various operations

  • added — Chat icons in diff window gutter show unread conversations with unread conversation icon.

  • fixed — Oracle strings now support more than 1023 characters

  • fixed — Vault integration case sensitivity.

  • fixed — After completing a review to move it to rework, a refresh moves the review back to inspecting (Case 37927)

  • fixed — Review cancel action should take user back to home page. (Case 37938)

  • fixed — Adding files by diff does not handle rework status correctly (Case 37902)

  • fixed — Support version name /main/0 as a valid predecessor

  • fixed — Reduce chat load times.

  • fixed — Template selection alignment is inconsistent (Case 38004)

  • fixed — Support Subversion in languages other than English (Case 37537)

  • fixed — Use "last changed revision" as Subversion local version

  • fixed — AccuRev failing on Linux with capital letter in path (Case 37932)

  • fixed — Asynchronously load file content for better browser performance.

  • fixed — Trailing context lines has one too few lines. (Case 38020)

  • fixed — Do not send multiple copies of emails to the administrator (Case 37954)

  • fixed — Long text on review overview makes some information flow offscreen.(Case 37129)

  • fixed — Links for dumping system data are confusing (Case 37922)

  • fixed — AccuRev cannot auto-detect from path (Case 38052)

  • fixed — When rolled up and changelist comments repeat, save space by indicating the number of repetitions

  • fixed — Misaligned diffs (Case 38026)

  • fixed — Restore ability to change the login prompt

  • dropped — Eclipse plugin no longer supports Eclipse 3.0 (Eclipse 3.1 or better is required)

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