Applies to BitBar SaaS, last modified on August 11, 2020

BitBar provides a mobile device cloud a set of real iOS and Android devices that you can use for automated testing in any framework, manual app testing, or AI-driven codeless testing.

You can access all available devices and device groups by clicking the Devices tab. Here, you can view all available devices and manage your device groups.

BitBar Devices

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View device details

To get more information about an available device, click on the device tile.

Here, you can also start a live, automated, or AI-driven test by using the selected device:

Device details

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Filter devices

BitBar shows all dedicated devices, but you can filter them so that they match your needs.You can apply the following filters:

To get a filtered list of devices, select the needed filter options and click Apply filters.

To get back to a clean starting point, click Clear filters. This will clear any set filters.

Device groups

API Level

Android version

iOS Version




OpenGL ES version


Internal storage

Instruction set

Screen size

Screen resolution



Supported frameworks


Desktop Browser


Desktop Browser Version

Dedicated device

The Dedicated Device feature allows BitBar users to reserve devices for their use only. Only Admin users can set up and dedicate a devices for a specific user.

Admins can set a test time limit for a dedicated device. To do this, in the Admin mode:

  • Open a device settings.

  • Enable the Test Timeout option.

  • Specify how many minutes or hours BitBar will wait until it finished the test session.

    Test timeout settings

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  • Click Save changes.

Note: The set timeout will apply only to selected device. To set timeout for all BitBar devices, specify Session Settings.

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