Managing Test Runs

Last modified on May 26, 2023

List test runs

curl -u <api-key>:

Get a test run

curl -u <api-key>:

Update a test run

curl -X POST -u <api-key>: -d "displayName=DISPLAY_NAME"

Delete a test run

curl -X DELETE -u <api-key>:

Abort a test run

Note: Aborting a test run leads to test interruption and getting partial results.

curl -X POST -u <api-key>:

Retry a test run

Note: Retrying a test run leads to test interruption (if tests are run), current results are removed, and the tests are started again. The device sessions get new IDs.

curl -X POST -u <api-key>:

Get max available test run timeout

To learn the maximum available test timeout period for a test run, send the GET request to either endpoint:

  • curl -X GET{uerId}/runs/config

  • curl -X GET

This will return the maxTestTimeout objects with the unit and value fields:

  "maxTestTimeout": {
    "unit": "SECONDS",
    "value": 3600

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