Managing Device Groups

Last modified on May 26, 2023

Device groups can be based on devices and/or device filters (selectors). Devices can be added statically (adding a device to a device group by device IDs) or dynamically (adding a selector to a device group by selector IDs).

Create a device group

Note: Parameter osType is optional. Default value: ANDROID.

curl -X POST -u <api-key>: -d 'displayName=NAME'

Get a device group ID

curl -u <api-key>:

List all device groups

curl -u <api-key>:

Delete a device group

curl -X DELETE -u <api-key>:

Edit a device group

Note: All of the parameters are optional.

curl -X POST -u <api-key>: -d "displayName=NAME&osType=IOS"

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