Call Graph Panel Context Menu

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

The Call Graph panel's context menu provides commands for working with the panel contents. The available commands are:

Go to Parent Navigates to the parent object (routine).
Go to Child Navigates to the specified child object (routine).
Go to Current Item Navigates to the object (routine) that is currently selected.
Show Source Opens the routine (object) declaration in the Editor panel.
Fit Makes all the hierarchy visible in the panel.
Zoom In Zooms in the panel's contents.
Zoom Out Zooms out the panel's contents.
Undo Zoom Cancels zooming and displays the panel in its normal size.
Print Preview Opens the standard Print Preview dialog where you can set up printing settings and preview the document before printing it.
Print Prints the panel contents.
Export to Metafile Exports the graph to a metafile (.emf).
Customize Calls the Customize Call Graph that allows you to customize the panel's view.
Options Calls the Call Graph Options dialog that allows you to customize the Call Graph panel's settings .

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