Unused VCL Units Profiler - Details Panel

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

When displaying results of the Unused VCL Units profiler, the Report panel lists all VCL units that your application includes. The Details panel displays a list of units that import the unit selected in the Report panel, that is, those units that contain the name of the selected unit in their uses section. The list of importing units includes the following columns:

Columns (in alphabetical order) Description
Module The name of the application module (.exe or .dll) containing the profiled unit.
Source File The name of the source file in which the unit is declared.
Unit The name of the VCL unit.
Note: If no paths to the sources of standard units were specified in the Project Search Directories or Search Directory dialog, the profiler lacks information on how the standard units import one another, and for most of them, the Details panel displays an empty list of importing units.

When the selected unit is considered as unused, you can remove it from the application by excluding its name from the source code of all non-standard units listed in the Details panel. After you remove it, you should recompile your application.

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