Classes Data Category

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

When the Classes Data category is selected in the Explorer panel, the Report panel displays information on potential calls between methods of the application’s classes. The Call Tree panel shows a tree-like hierarchy of interlinks between methods for the class that is currently selected in the Report panel.

The panel contains the Class Callers and Class Callees panes. The Class Callers pane lists all the classes whose methods call the methods of the given class. The Class Callees pane contains classes whose methods are called by the methods of the given class.

Below is a description of the columns the panes contains (both panes have the same set of columns):

Columns (in alphabetical order) Description
Call Count The number of times methods of the given class call methods of the class selected in Report or are called by methods of that class.
Class Name Name of the class.
Module Name Name of the executable module where the class is defined.
Namespace Name of the namespace to which the class belongs.
Note: The panes of the Call Tree panel have the same set of columns as the panes of the Details panel do.

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