Load Library Tracer - Report Panel

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

When you view results of the Load Library Tracer, the Report panel displays the list of modules (DLLs) loaded in memory during the profiling time. Note that the panel also displays the active module of your AQTime project as it is loaded in memory during profiling.

The panel contains the following columns:

Columns (in alphabetical order) Description
# The index of the library. Indicates the sequence in which libraries were loaded in memory.
Image Size (bytes) The size of the library code in memory.
Library Name The name of the dynamic link library.
Library Path The path to the library file.
Library Version The version of the library.
Load Count Specifies how many times the library was loaded in memory.
Preferred Load Address The preferred load address specified in the DLL header. The actual address where the DLL was loaded is specified in the Load Address column of the Details panel and in the Event View panel of the message that informs that the library was loaded. Be aware that if the actual address where Windows loads the DLL differs from the preferred address, there will be a time penalty for the required relocations by Windows at run time.
Relocation Count Specifies the number of times the DLL was relocated in memory. The relocation, for instance, occurs when the library is not loaded at the preferred address specified in its header.
Size (bytes) The size of the library file in bytes.
Static If this column is checked, the library was loaded by the executable at load time. Else, it was loaded dynamically (at run time).
Successfully Unloaded Additional indicator that specifies if Load Count is equal to Unload Count.
Unload Count Specifies how many times the library was unloaded. The value usually equals Load Count when the application is closed.

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