TPredefinedAreaKind Enumeration

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

You use the TPredefinedAreaKind enumerator type to specify the kind of class-level predefined profiling area in the PredefinedClassesAreaValue function. The values of this enumerator type correspond to preset class-level areas of the Classes to Profile pane (All Project Modules, Entire .NET Code and others).

Note: This type corresponds to areas in the Classes to Profile pane that is available in the Allocation and Reference Count profilers. To work with predefined areas in the Collect Stack Information pane, you should use functions that operate with non-class predefined areas (FullCheck, FullCheckLevel, ProfileEntireXXXXCode and ProfileEntireXXXXCodeLevel) along with the TEntireProfileLevel enumerator type. For more information, see IaqCOMAccessAreaManager Object.



typedef enum TPredefinedAreaKind
    pakFullCheck = 0,
    pakJava = 1,
    pakDotNet = 2,
    pakScript = 3
} TPredefinedAreaKind;


The enumeration contains the following values:

Value Integer Area Type
pakFullCheck 0 All Project Modules
pakJava 1 Entire Java Code
pakDotNet 2 Entire .NET Code
pakScript 3 Entire Script Code

For information on predefined areas, see About Areas.

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