TAreaProfileLevel Enumeration

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

You use the TAreaProfileLevel enumerator type to obtain or specify the profiling level when you work with user-defined profiling areas via COM (see Managing Profiling Areas via COM). The values of this enumeration type specify the level of a detail (routine, line, or class) at which AQTime will profile the routines included in a profiling area.



typedef enum TAreaProfileLevel
    aplNone = 0,
    aplClasses = 1,
    aplRoutines = 2,
    aplLines = 3
} TAreaProfileLevel;


The enumeration contains the following values:

Value Integer Description
plNone 0 Specifies that the area is disabled. All other values indicate that the area is enabled.
plClassLevel 1 Specifies that the area is a class-level profiling area.
plRoutineLevel 2 Specifies that the area is a routine-level profiling area.
plLineLevel 3 Specifies that the area is a line-level profiling area.

For information on area levels, see About Profiling Levels.

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