Message - 'There is no code selected for profiling...'

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

This message appears when you start the profiling process and AQTime cannot identify any section of code to profile. There are several possible reasons for this error:

  • You have not specified an including area for profiling. AQTime uses areas to identify code to be profiled. If there are no selected areas of the including type, then there is nothing selected for profiling. Select one or more including areas in the Setup panel. See also Using Areas and Controlling What to Profile.

  • All code that you added to including areas belong to files that were excluded by the Ignore Files and Routines or Files to Ignore for Project dialogs.

  • All routines you selected for profiling are listed in the Ignore Files and Routines dialog.

  • All the code elements that you have added to areas were excluded from the profiling because the current profiler does not support the code type or the selected profiling level. For example, this message appears if —

    • You have added .NET, Java or script files, modules or routines to custom areas and the current profiler does not support .NET, Java or script code.

    • You only selected line-level areas for profiling, and the current profiler does not support line-level profiling.

  • You have included in an area to profile a non-existent function. This can easily happen under normal circumstances - you define an area, then you run a profile, next you touch up the source according to results and either remove or comment out a function that was part of the area.

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