Exporting Profiling Results to Database

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

Profiling results are represented in a number of AQTime panels. It is useful for visual perception and analysis. To make the profiling results accessible for external applications and to simplify the result processing automation, AQTime provides an option for exporting the profiling results to a SQL Server database. After export the profiling results displayed in AQTime panels are stored in a number of database tables. You can access the data stored in these tables and process it as your needs dictate.

To export profiling results to a database, perform the following actions:

  • Right click the desired result set in the Explorer panel and choose Export to Database from the context menu. This will call the Export to Database dialog.

  • Specify the connection string used to connect to the desired database in the Connection box or click the ellipsis to create it via the Data Link Properties dialog and specify the user name and password if needed.

  • Click OK to start exporting.

If you automate AQTime via COM, you can command AQTime to export results by using special interfaces and methods. For detailed information about this, see Exporting Results to Database via COM.

The structure of the created database depends on the profiler whose results are exported. For more information on the database structure see the following topics:

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