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Last modified on May 22, 2024
Note: To use this guide, you need to know how to use AlertSite DéjàClick transaction recording tool. If you do not have the DéjàClick toolbar in your Firefox browser, go to the DéjàClick Downloads page to download the DéjàClick add-on and additional modules (TrueScreen and ImageMagick). If you have never used DéjàClick before, please go to the DéjàClick Quick Start Guide. After you have become comfortable with recording DéjàClick transactions, you will be able to move on to this more advanced feature.

You can change your browser preferences for User Agent String and Custom Proxy Settings to meet your specific requirements through the Browser Preferences property panel in the DéjàClick Properties sidebar.

This advanced option panel assumes the user is familiar with customizing proxy settings.

To access this panel, you must change to the Advanced Display Level located at the bottom of the Properties sidebar or set the Display Level through the Configure Options dialog by clicking the config_options.png icon on the DéjàClick toolbar. Once set to Advanced display level, the Browser Preferences panel will be available. Click on the property to expand the panel.

Browser Preferences

Select the Use custom proxy settings check box and the Edit settings link will be activated:

Edit settings

Click Edit settings to display the Connection Settings dialog:

Connection Settings

By default, No proxy is selected. Click on one of the other radio buttons to change proxy settings according to your requirements:

  • Auto-detect proxy settings for this network

  • Use system proxy settings

  • Manual proxy configuration

  • Automatic proxy configuration URL

Selecting Manual proxy configuration or Automatic proxy configuration URL will activate the additional fields below them. Fill in the information as needed.

Replay your recording to verify the script on your desktop, then run a Test On Demand at a remote location by clicking the Test_On_Demand.png button on the DéjàClick toolbar. If successful, you may upload the transaction to your AlertSite account.

Considerations for private locations

Private Node Server also includes proxy settings. Depending on your private node version, you may need to configure proxy just on the private node, or both on the private node and in DéjàClick scripts.

Private Node Server 2.1.3 and later

The proxy configured for the private node is automatically used for all DéjàClick monitor runs on this node. There is no need to specify the proxy settings in DéjàClick scripts. However, if specified, script proxy settings will override system proxy settings.

Private Node Server 2.1.2 and earlier

Private node proxy configuration is not used for DéjàClick monitor runs. You need to specify the proxy directly in your DéjàClick scripts as explained above.

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