Data Retention

Last modified on May 22, 2024

AlertSite can store report data on your monitors. The default data retention period is 3 months, however, you can increase the retention period for an additional fee.

To prolong the retention period, contact you AlertSite account manager or sales representative. You can find the contact information in AlertSite 1.0, on the Support > Support Center screen.

Up to the end of the retention period, you can run reports against any of your DéjàClick and Site monitors. AlertSite does not archive data that is purged once the retention period limit is reached.


  • Increasing the retention period will not restore the data that was removed prior to the change.

  • The reports you saved in the Document Manager manually will not be removed.

  • Although your retention period is longer, some reports may be limited to 31 days. The limitation depends on the report type.

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