Zephyr Squad Server-to-Cloud Migration Guides

Applies to Zephyr Squad Server 9.0.1 and 4.8, last modified on February 07, 2023

Supporting your journey to cloud

Atlassian’s shift in strategy to become a cloud-first company has accelerated the journey to cloud with next-level offerings. On this journey, customers start migrating their Jira instances and apps from Server to Cloud (or Data Center).

There are two approaches to migrating Zephyr data from Jira Server to Jira Cloud:

  • Jira Cloud Migration Assistant (JCMA) – a primarily recommended application provided by Atlassian.

  • Zephyr Migration Tool - an open-source tool offered by SmartBear which works with Jira Site Import, but requires more technical steps and runs project-by-project.

We recommend using the JCMA as the primary migration method unless there are important limitations that forbid its use. Please note that no support is provided for customization of Zephyr Migration Tool.

The migration methods are mutually exclusive, it is not possible to combine them. You cannot use JCMA after a Jira site import or vice versa. Also, it is not possible to use JCMA for Jira data, and Zephyr Migration Tool for Zephyr Squad data.

Migration Guides

At SmartBear, we are committed to facilitating a smooth transition for all our customers, so we have created the guides to help you migrate your instances and Zephyr app data. Please follow the links below to view the guides:

Unsupported Migrations

Only the Server-to-Cloud migration is currently available. The following migrations are not supported yet:

  • Merging multiple instances (Server, DC, or Cloud) into a single Cloud instance.

  • Cloud-to-Cloud migrations.

  • Zephyr Squad-to-Zephyr Scale Cloud migrations. It is only possible to migrate Zephyr Squad to Zephyr Scale Server.

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