Assign a Virtual Service to a Group

Applies to VirtServer 3.19.0, last modified on February 22, 2024

Groups are a way of managing user permissions in VirtServer. They allow you to make certain virtual services only available to a limited group of people.

As a regular (non-admin) user, you can only work with virtual services assigned to a group you are part of or not assigned to any group.

Assign a virtual service to a group

Note: There is currently no way to manage groups from ReadyAPI.

You can assign virtual services to groups from your browser by using the VirtServer web interface. To do this:

  1. Go to the home page of VirtServer:


    For example, if VirtServer is installed on your local machine and you run it on the default port, use the following link:

  2. On the Virtual API Summary page, expand the service description:

    Organizing VirtServer virtual services: Virtual API Summary Page

    Click the image to enlarge it.

To assign the virtual service to a group, select the group in the Group drop-down menu.

Tip: You will only see groups that you are part of. Groups and their members are managed by administrators.
Assigning a service to a group

To unassign the virtual service from a group, select unassigned in the Group drop-down menu. Unassigned services are available to all the users of VirtServer.

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