Using on Cloud and Virtual Machines

Applies to TestLeft 15.40, last modified on March 17, 2022

This page is related to new SmartBear ID-based licenses.
For information on regular key-based licenses, see Key-Based Licenses.

To run TestLeft on a virtual or cloud computer:

  • You need to use a Floating license. The Fixed User licenses cannot be used on these machines.

    If you’ve got a Fixed User license, contact our Support Team or Sales Representative for an upgrade.

    Contact info

  • Your virtual machine or cloud computer must have network access to the SmartBear license servers (global Web):


    If you have a virtual machine running in a local network, the proxies and firewall functioning in the network must allow connection with these servers.

A Fixed User license cannot be used on physical computers that have Hyper-V enabled. To run TestLeft, you can use a Floating license, or you can disable Hyper-V. You can find the instructions on the Microsoft website:

How to disable Hyper-V

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