Bug Fixes in TestLeft 2.1

Applies to TestLeft 15.40, last modified on March 17, 2022

In TestLeft 2.1, the following bugs reported by our customers have been fixed:

  • Improved performance of the QuerySelectorAll method for test objects in Edge and Chrome.

  • Fixed: Object coordinates in Edge were calculated incorrectly if the Favorites bar was displayed.

    Note: Users need to restart Edge after adding or hiding any toolbars to avoid the issue in the future.
  • Fixed: TestComplete could not identify JavaScript dialogs (such as Alert) in Chrome on Windows 10.

  • Fixed: Firefox crashed if the Highlight on Screen command was used in the TestLeft UI Spy panel.

  • Fixed: The UI Spy’s “Pick Object” tool could not identify web page elements in Firefox in some multi-monitor environments.

  • Fixed: When testing web pages in Internet Explorer, the FindChildByXPath method sometimes returned a native DOM object instead of a test wrapper for this object.

  • Fixed: TestLeft stopped identifying web page elements in CEF applications after a few test runs.

  • Fixed: A slowdown when working with objects identified via the UI Automation engine on Windows 10.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could not select items in a WPF pop-up menu during the test playback.

  • Fixed: An incorrect object model was created for some objects in Visual Basic 6 applications.

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