Installation Steps

Applies to TestExecute 14.72, last modified on January 12, 2021

To run cross-platform web tests in parallel, you use a test runner tool that allows several instances of it to run on the same workstation at the same time. The tool installation package is called TestExecuteLite. To learn how to get the package, see Getting Installation Package.

You install the tool on the computer from which you are planning to connect to your device cloud and control the parallel test runs.

Before installing the product

  1. Read the license agreement. By installing the product, you confirm that you agree to the terms and conditions of the license.

  2. Make sure your computer meets the hardware and software requirements.

To install the product

  1. Close all the applications that may use the same files that the test engine may use, for example, web browsers.

  2. Double-click the installation package in Windows Explorer. The installation wizard will start.

  3. Select the folder to install the product to:

    TestExecute Lite Installation Wizard - Choose Destination Location
  4. Click Install to start the installation. Copying the files and configuring the environment typically does not take much time.

    Note: If the specified installation folder contains files, the wizard will overwrite them. It will display a message to warn you about this and to ask for your confirmation to continue.

After the installation

Activate your Device Cloud Parallel license:

  • If you installed the product using the trial package downloaded from our website, it will display the Welcome dialog asking you to activate your license. Click Start a 30-Day Trial in the dialog and wait until your trial license is activated.

    If the computer, on which you start the trial, has no Internet connection or cannot connect to the SmartBear licensing websites ( or, port 443), the license will not be activated automatically. You will have to activate it manually.

  • If you downloaded the installation package from the My SmartBear portal (, the product will search for an active license for the run.

    If it fails to find an activated license on your computer, it will display a dialog asking you to activate your license. To resolve the most common issues with license activation, see Unable to Activate Your License.

    For detailed information on the activation steps, see Activating Licenses.

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