Test Engine REST API

Applies to TestExecute 15.40, last modified on May 21, 2024

About TestExecute Test Engine REST API

You can use the API to access applications running on your computer (as well as their internal objects) and to simulate user actions over them.

Generally, the REST API is used by TestLeft to send test instructions from your TestLeft tests to the test engine.

Note: To learn about an API that allows controlling test runs, opening project suites, launching tests, and getting test results, see Test Runner REST API.


The REST API plugin must be installed and enabled in TestExecute. To install the plugin, select REST API on the Select Features page of TestExecute installation wizard.

You can enable the plugin:

Web Interface

The REST API has a web interface where you can see available API operations and parameters, make API calls and view the returned data.

You can access the API web interface by the following URL:



  • host-name - is the network name or IP address of the computer where the TestExecute is running,

  • port - is the port that the TestExecute RESTful service is using. The default port is 2377. To specify the port that the API should use, use the RestServerPort command-line parameter.

To access the web interface on your local computer by using the default port, use the following URL:


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