Sharing Test Results

Applies to TestExecute 15.40, last modified on May 21, 2024

In software development, sharing test results is a common task. For example, your colleagues may want to know how the nightly smoke test was going, or your manager may want to view the test results statistics. To share test results, you can:

  • Export test results to an external file and send the file to your teammates. To learn more, see the Exporting Test Results section in the TestComplete documentation.

  • Upload test results to our online storage and send the link to it to your teammates.

How to share reports

From the command line

Typically, you use TestExecute to run automated tests in unattended mode from the command line. To command TestExecute to share test results online, use the /ShareResults:file_to_save_url command-line argument. It will upload test results to our online storage and save the resulting link to the specified file:

TestExecute.exe "C:\My Projects\MySuite.pjs" /run /p:MyProj /ShareResults:"C:\Logs\shared-log.txt"

Note: If the specified file already exists, TestExecute will not share the results and report an error. It will not overwrite the file.

Copy the resulting link from the file and send it to your recipient.

By default, the name of the shared results report is based on the log item name, and the report will be available for two weeks. To specify a custom name for the report and the number of days during which it will be available, use the /SharedResultsName:name and /SharedResultsExpireIn:days command-line arguments. You can make the shared results available for 1 day, for 7 days, or for 14 days. Any other periods are not available.

TestExecute.exe "C:\My Projects\MySuite.pjs" /run /p:MyProj /ShareResults:"C:\Logs\shared-log.txt" /SharedResultsName:NewTestResults /SharedResultsExpireIn:7


To share logs, TestExecute connects to the service via HTTPS. The traffic is secured.

Requirements and limitations

  • TestExecute version 15.40.

  • Your computer must have access to the following web service:

    Access to this web service is required for both uploading and viewing test results.

    If you have firewalls or proxies running in your network, they should allow accessing the web service as well.

  • The total size of a single test log to share cannot exceed 500 MB.

  • You can only share test results manually. For now, sharing test results by using the command line is not supported.

  • Now, the number of logs you can share is not limited. This may change in the future.

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