About TestExecute

Applies to TestExecute 14.91, last modified on July 1, 2021

TestExecute is a resource-friendly utility created to run TestComplete tests on computers where TestComplete is not installed.

TestExecute can only run tests. To create tests, you use TestComplete. For information on creating tests, supported scripting languages and their specifics, test results and much more, see the TestComplete documentation on our website.

TestExecute supports all the testing functionality provided by the following TestComplete modules and add-ons:

  • Desktop, Web, and Mobile modules

  • Intelligent Quality add-on

To learn more about modules and add-ons, and features they include, see the About TestComplete Platform, Modules and Add-Ons section in the TestComplete documentation on our website.

We recommend using a TestExecute version that matches the TestComplete version you used to create the test. Projects created in later TestComplete versions may fail in earlier versions of TestExecute. For example, TestExecute ver. 12.60 may fail to run a test created in TestComplete ver. 14.0.

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