Message - A newer product version is available...

Applies to TestExecute 15.40, last modified on May 21, 2024

TestExecute shows this message when it detects an update for TestExecute on the SmartBear website. To read about the update, click Yes in the dialog. Click No to close this message box without performing any actions.

To get the update
  1. Check if you have a maintenance subscription. You can do this on the My SmartBear portal:

    • Open the following page in your web browser:

      To log in to the portal, use your customer account credentials. You can find them in the email message you received from SmartBear when purchasing the product.

    • On the portal, go to the TestExecute¬†15 page and find a link to the newer product version.

  2. If you find the newer version on the My SmartBear portal, this means you have a maintenance subscription. Download the newer version and install it on your computer.

    If you do not find the newer version on the My SmartBear portal, this means you do not have a maintenance subscription. To get the update in this case, contact our Sales Team:

    Phone:   +1 617 684-2600

    If you contact the Sales Team via the web form, then when submitting your request, use the Sales Inquiry request type. This will help us process your request faster. We will answer you via email and all further communication will be made via email. However, to start the conversation, please use the web form.

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