Default Project Properties - CLR Bridge Options

Applies to TestComplete 15.61, last modified on February 27, 2024

The CLR Bridge Options group of the default project properties allows you to configure the default .NET class access and usage options for new TestComplete projects. For more information about using .NET classes in tests, see Calling Functions From .NET Assemblies.

To view or change the default options, select Tools | Default Project Properties from the main menu of TestComplete and then choose Project | CLR Bridge from the tree displayed on the left side of the ensuing Default Project Properties dialog.

You can change the following options:

  • Selected components - Holds the list of .NET assemblies to be added to the Selected components list of new projects enabling the project tests to call functions from these assemblies. The values mentioned in this list will be assigned to the CLR Bridge options of a new project during its creation. You can then modify these options on the Properties page of your project editor (see Project Properties - CLR Bridge Options).

    To add assemblies available in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) to the list, click Browse GAC, select the desired assemblies from the resulting Select Assemblies dialog and click OK. To add assemblies that are absent in the GAC, click Browse Files and then select assembly files via the subsequent Select Assemblies dialog. To remove the selected assembly from the list, click Remove.

    Note: The list of available assemblies always contains the mscorlib.dll assembly. Though this assembly is not shown in the list, it exists in it and its functions can be called from tests.
  • Preferred architecture of the assembly hosting process - Specifies the architecture of the hosting process that will be used to call functions of .NET assemblies from tests.

  • Preferred apartment model of the calling thread - Specifies the apartment model of the calling thread that will be used to call functions of .NET assemblies from tests.

To save the changes you made to options and close the dialog, press OK. Cancel will close the dialog discarding any changes.

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