Working With Source Control Systems in Silent Mode

Applies to TestComplete 15.46, last modified on December 01, 2022

If TestComplete integrated into a source control system is running in Silent mode (for example, if you work with TestComplete via COM or launch it from the command line using the /SilentMode parameter), it does not display messages and dialogs invoked by the source control provider. In order to work with the source control system in this mode, TestComplete tries to enable batch mode in it. TestComplete also posts a message informing that batch mode is enabled in the source control system to the Silent.log file located in the <System_Drive>:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\SmartBear\TestComplete\15.0 folder.

If the source control system supports batch mode, TestComplete can work with it while running in Silent mode. The dialogs and messages invoked by the source control provider are not displayed on screen and they are handled as if the default button was pressed in them.

If the source control system does not support batch mode, TestComplete posts an error message to the Silent.log file and disables the source control system integration support. While TestComplete is running in Silent mode, it is unbound from the source control system and cannot be used as the source control client.

Note: Regardless of whether the source control system supports batch mode or not, the Check out on open and Check in on close options are disabled while TestComplete is running in silent node.

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