Adding New Project to Project Suite (Legacy)

Applies to TestComplete 15.65, last modified on July 17, 2024
This topic describes functionality of the SCC API Providers plugin, which is obsolete and is left for backward compatibility only. To learn about supported source control integrations, see Integration With Source Control Systems.

Before adding a new project to a project suite, you should check out the project suite (the *.pjs file) from source control. To do this from TestComplete, right-click the project suite node in the Project Explorer panel and select Source Control | Check Out from the invoked context menu. In the ensuing Select Project Items dialog, select the project suite node and click OK.

After that, add a new project to the project suite - the project files will be bound to the source control system automatically. Check in the project suite along with all files of the newly created project to save the changes to the source control. If you forget to check in any of the mentioned files, your colleagues will not see the added project in the project suite hierarchy.

Project suite settings are stored in two files - *.pjs and *.pjs.tcLS. *.pjs.tcLS files store custom settings. Similarly, project settings are stored in *.mds and *.mds.tcLS files.

Do not add custom setting files (*.tcLS) to source control when working with a project in a team. TestComplete dialogs and menu commands that work with source controls do not interact with these files, they work with *.pjs and *.mds files.

If you have already added a *.tcLS file to your source control with some source control client application, you must check in and check out both *.pjs and *.pjs.tcLS files (and both *.mds and *.mds.tcLS files) in order to avoid errors.

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