Requirements and Prerequisites

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on June 12, 2024

To work with the Git source control system from TestComplete, you need to prepare your computer and prepare TestComplete.

Preparing Test Computer

You should install the following software:

  • Git for Windows - TestComplete uses the Git command-line utility (git.exe) to work with the Git source control system. You can download Git for Windows from Git’s web site:

  • (Optionally) TortoiseGit - This GUI client for Git facilitates and simplifies your interaction with Git. If integration between TestComplete and TortoiseGit is enabled, you may use TortoiseGit dialogs directly form TestComplete. See Working With TortoiseGit Client for details.

    You can download TortoiseGit for free from:

Preparing TestComplete

  • The Git Plugin must be enabled (it is enabled by default when you install TestComplete). If you experience any issues with Git integration with TestComplete, select File > Install Extensions from the TestComplete main menu and check whether the Git Plugin is installed.

  • In order to use the Git Plugin:

    1. Select File > Close from the TestComplete main menu to close all opened projects.
    2. Select Tools > Options > Source Control from the main menu to open the Source Control Options dialog.
    3. Change the value of the Current source control plugin setting to the Git Plugin.
    4. Specify a valid path to the Git executable file (git.exe) to the Path to Git setting.
    5. (Optionally) Enable the Use TortoiseGit client setting, if you have a TortoiseGit client installed.

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