You Can Create an Item in the Issue-Tracking System Either From a Project Suite or From a Project Log

Applies to TestComplete 15.42, last modified on August 01, 2022

If you try to create an item in an issue-tracking system from a test log that is neither a project suite log, project log nor a project test item log (for example, it if is a script routine log), TestComplete will show an error message. Currently, only project suite, project and project test item logs can be exported to issue-tracking systems.

For example, you cannot export the log of a script routine and of a keyword test to issue-tracking systems. However, you can include the desired routine or keyword test in a test or test item. So, after the test or test item is executed, its log will contain the log of your keyword test or routine and you will be able to export it to an issue-tracking system.

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