Applies to TestComplete 14.40, last modified on June 16, 2020
This topic describes how you can connect to the service by using the CrossBrowserTesting manager. This method of integrating with is deprecated starting with TestComplete 14.40. We recommend using the Device Cloud add-on instead. See About Cross-Platform Web Tests for details.

What Web Applications Need to Be Prepared

TestComplete works with web sites from the client side. It recognizes elements and controls on a web page in a browser and simulates mouse clicks and keystrokes on them. TestComplete will work with any web site regardless of the server-side technology and controls it uses. If the page uses web controls that are supported by TestComplete, the work with them will be more convenient.

Most web applications – HTML and HTML5, PHP, AngularJS, ASP.NET and many others – do not require any preparations for being tested with TestComplete from CrossBrowserTesting environments.

Preparatory actions are needed for Silverlight, Flash and Flex applications:

Configuring the Connection

If your web application resides in your local network, you need to make the application available to the CrossBrowserTesting environments. See —

Configuring Connection to Tested Website From the CrossBrowserTesting Cloud

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Configuring Connection to Tested Website From the CrossBrowserTesting Cloud

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