Parameter Element

Applies to TestComplete 15.59, last modified on November 30, 2023

The Parameter element of the description.xml file is used to define a parameter of a custom keyword test operation. The operation parameters are listed in the Value column of the Keyword Test editor and can be edited via the Operation Parameters dialog.

Parent Elements

A Parameter element must be a child of the Parameters element.

Child Elements

A Parameter element does not have child elements.


The element has the following attributes:


Required. The parameter name. This name will be displayed in the Name column of the Operation Parameters dialog. Two notes:

  • The name must be unique among other operation parameters.

  • Since this name is used to address the parameter in the script code, it must be a valid identifier in the scripting language that is used to write the operation code (JScript or VBScript). A general rule is that the name must consist of alphanumeric (A…Z, a…z, 0…9) and underscore ( _ ) characters only and start with a letter.


Optional. The parameter’s default value. TestComplete treats this value as a string.
Element’s Contents

A Parameter element may contain text holding the parameter description. This way, the operation’s developer can document the operation parameters. Currently, this text is ignored by TestComplete and is not displayed anywhere.

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