KDTOperation Element

Applies to TestComplete 15.59, last modified on November 30, 2023

The KDTOperation element of the description.xml file is used to define a custom operation that will extend the TestComplete set of operations available for use in keyword tests. This operation will be displayed in the Operations pane of the TestComplete Keyword Test editor and can be used in tests along with standard operations.

Parent Elements

A KDTOperation element must be a child of the Script element.

Child Elements

A KDTOperation element must contain the Events element and may optionally contain the Data, Parameters and Columns elements. The child elements can follow in any order.


The element has the following attributes:


Required. Specifies the operation name. This name is used as the title of the operation’s item in the Operations panel of the Keyword Test editor.


Optional. Specifies the name of the category to which the operation will be added. You can specify the name of an existing category (for example, Checkpoints) or a custom category name. If this attribute is omitted, the operation will be added to the Custom category.


Optional. Specifies the name of the BMP or PNG file that contains the icon of the operation. The icon file must reside in the same package that contains the description file, so you should only specify the file name and extension (without the path). The size must be 16×16 with the 24-bit or lower color depth. The color of the leftmost-bottom pixel is treated as transparent.


Optional. Specifies whether the created operation can have child operations and how it will process them. The attribute can contain one of the following values --

Value Description
Regular (default) The created operation cannot have child operations.
Group The created operation can have child operations. However, the operation does not perform any actions, it only groups child operations. See Creating Custom Group Operations.
Condition The created operation will check some condition and execute child operations once depending on comparison results. See Creating Custom Conditional Operations.
Iterator The operation will execute child operations in a loop. See Creating Custom Loop Operations.

For information about creating custom keyword test operations with script extensions, see Creating Keyword Test Operations and Creating Keyword Test Operations Tutorial.

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