Event Element

Applies to TestComplete 15.42, last modified on August 01, 2022

The Event element of the description.xml file is used to define a script routine that is executed by a custom keyword test operation when a certain event occurs. For example, when a new operation instance is created, when the operation is executed during the test run or needs to be set up at design-time, and so on.

Parent Elements

An Event element must be a child of the Events or Column element.

Child Elements

An Event element has no child elements.


The element has the following attributes:


Required. The event name. For a full list of events that occur in keyword test operations, see Creating Keyword Test Operations - Events Reference.


Required. The name of the script routine used as the event handler. This routine must be implemented in the script file specified in the Name attribute of the Script element.

The routine must meet the requirements of the event that it handles. That is, the routine must have the same number of parameters as the event and, if needed, must have an appropriate return value.

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