OnHelpCalled Event

Applies to TestComplete 15.42, last modified on August 01, 2022

Occurs when the Help button in the Operation Parameters dialog is pressed.


OnHelpCalled(Data) Parameters
Data [in] Required Object


Users can use the standard Operation Parameters dialog to modify parameters of custom keyword test operations. This dialog contains the Help button that allows the operation’s developer to display help information about the operation. By default, a click on this button displays the Operation Parameters Dialog topic.

To make the Help button open a custom help topic, you need to handle the OnHelpCalled event, which is raised when a user clicks this button. To display the desired help topic, use the appropriate method of the Help object. See Calling Help for Script Extensions.


The event has one parameter:


An object that provides access to the operation fields. This object contains properties that correspond to individual operation fields and whose names coincide with the field names.


The sample event handler below opens the MyExtension.chm file in the help viewer and display the topic with ID 100:


function MyOperation_OnHelpCalled(Data)
  Help.ShowContext("MyExtension.chm", 100);


Sub MyOperation_OnHelpCalled(Data)
  Help.ShowContext "MyExtension.chm", 100
End Sub

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