Xamarin.Forms Samples

Applies to TestComplete 15.55, last modified on September 12, 2023


Xamarin.Forms samples contain test projects that demonstrate how to test a Xamarin.Forms application. The sample application is the Xamarin.Forms version of the Orders application which has a table of purchase orders. You can view the list of existing orders, add new orders to the list, and modify or remove the existing ones.

These samples are a part of the additional sample package. To use them, download this package from support.smartbear.com/testcomplete/downloads/samples and install it.

After the installation is over, you can find the samples in the <TestComplete 15 Samples>\Mobile\Xamarin.Forms folder.



Android Xamarin.Forms application

<TestComplete 15 Samples>\Mobile\Xamarin.Forms\Orders\Application\Orders.Android\Orders.Android.csproj

iOS Xamarin.Forms application

<TestComplete 15 Samples>\Mobile\Xamarin.Forms\Orders\Application\Orders.iOS\Orders.iOS.csproj

TestComplete project suites

<TestComplete 15 Samples>\Mobile\Xamarin.Forms\Orders\TCProjects

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