Add Tested Application Wizard - Add ClickOnce Tested Application Page

Applies to TestComplete 15.63, last modified on April 10, 2024

The Add Tested Application wizard assists you in adding applications to the Tested Applications collection of your project. On this page of the wizard, you add ClickOnce-deployed applications to the list of tested applications.

  • In the Startup link edit box, specify the URL or the file path to the application deployment manifest (.application) or the shortcut to the installed application (.appref-ms). Below are examples of the possible values:



    If the manifest or shortcut file resides on the local computer or on a network, you can click the button and browse for the needed file.

    You can control the format of the path to the Startup link value. The target path can be specified as an absolute path, a relative path or by using environment variables (if the path includes any standard system path for which environment variables are set). Click the drop-down button in the desired text box and choose the needed representation from the drop-down list.

    ClickOnce .appref-ms shortcuts are typically created in the Start menu and on the desktop. However, the Start menu and desktop paths are user- and operating system-specific. If you are going to run the test on multiple computers, we recommend copying the .appref-ms shortcut to a folder that is common for all computers, for example, a network share (see Avoiding Computer-Specific Settings). Alternatively, you can specify the application by its .application manifest.
  • In the Process to wait edit box, specify the file name of the application executable.

  • In the Wait timeout box, specify the maximum waiting time for the application to launch. The default value is 60000 ms (1 minute).

  • To add a CEF application that is launched by using the ClickOnce technology, select the Allow TestComplete to interact with embedded Chromium content check box.

    Note: If you run your application outside TestComplete, or if you run it from TestComplete and enable the above-mentioned option while your application is running, you will face issues with object recognition. TestComplete will notify you about this issue and show the Dfsvc.exe was launched before the tested application message. To resolve the issue, terminate the dfcvc.exe process, close the tested application, enable the option in TestComplete and launch the application again.

Click Finish to close the dialog and add the specified application to the Tested Applications collection. Click Cancel to close the dialog without adding the application.

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