Running Tests - Specifics

Applies to TestComplete 14.73, last modified on February 25, 2021
  • TestComplete does not compile tests into standalone executables. Tests are run by TestComplete. To run tests on computers where TestComplete is not installed, you can use TestExecute, which is a light-weight test runner.

  • TestComplete turns off the Caps Lock key at the beginning of test recording and playback to make sure text input is recorded and simulated correctly.

  • Tests cannot be run on locked computers. For a workaround, see Running Tests on Locked Computers.

  • If you run TestComplete using the /SilentMode command-line argument or via COM, TestComplete works in silent mode. In other words, it does not display any message boxes, such as licensing messages, project saving confirmation, and so on.

    In silent mode, TestComplete automatically closes its message boxes using their default button. The information about automatically closed messages is saved to the following file:


    Note: The Silent.log file must not be read-only or locked by another application.

    Regular test errors are posted to the test log.

  • Manual tests cannot be run in silent mode.

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