Activating Name Mapping Configurations

Applies to TestComplete 15.65, last modified on July 17, 2024

Name Mapping configurations let you specify different values for object identification properties for different versions of your applications. For example, you can have different language configurations (English, French and so on) for a multi-language application.

You can change the active configuration in the Name Mapping editor and from tests.

To select a name mapping configuration at design time

Select the needed configuration from the Configurations list of the Name Mapping repository:

Name mapping configurations
To select a name mapping configuration from tests

Use the NameMapping.CurrentConfigurationName property to get or set the current name mapping configuration. In keyword tests, you can do this using the Call Object Method or Run Code Snippet operation.

Suppose, your name mapping repository includes the English and French configurations. The following script line activates the English configuration:

JavaScript, JScript

NameMapping.CurrentConfigurationName = "English";


NameMapping.CurrentConfigurationName = "English"


NameMapping.CurrentConfigurationName = "English"


NameMapping.CurrentConfigurationName := 'English';

C++Script, C#Script

NameMapping["CurrentConfigurationName"] = "English";

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