Image Set Item Properties

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on June 12, 2024

Each item of an Image Set editor is a collection of images that TestComplete uses to recognize application controls in image-based tests.

The item properties are organized into the following groups:

Item Parameters

This group contains the properties of the item selected in the Items list in the left part of the editor:

  • Item name - Specifies the name of the selected item.

    You use the item name to address the item in tests.

    The item name must be a valid script identifier. TestComplete supports scripting languages that use different naming rules. To choose a name that will match any of the supported scripting languages, enter a string that starts with a letter and that contains only letters, digits or underscore characters.

    If you change the item name, TestComplete suggests updating the Image Touch and Image Based Action operations in your keyword tests automatically. If you use the item in other operations or in scripts, update them manually.

  • Composite control - Specifies whether the item is a composite or a simple control.

    This property is relevant only to image-based tests for Android applications. For composite controls (for example, date-time pickers, table views or expandable lists), TestComplete records user actions with the exact touch coordinates. For simple controls (for example, buttons or check boxes), TestComplete records user actions in a coordinate-free manner.

Image Parameters

This group of properties is applied to the image selected in the Image Strip:

  • Image description - Specifies a free-form description you set for the image.
  • Screenshot resolution - Specifies the screen resolution of the PC desktop or mobile device’s screen where the image was captured.

Recognition Parameters

The Recognition Parameters group contains properties that affect the image search procedure:

  • Color tolerance - Specifies an acceptable color difference at which two pixels will be treated as identical.

    The color difference is represented as an integer value within the range 0…255 that specifies an acceptable difference for each color component (red, green and blue) of the compared pixels. TestComplete considers two pixels identical if the difference in each color component does not exceed the specified value.

    If Color tolerance is 0 (default value), the compared pixels are considered identical only if they have the same color. When Color tolerance is 255, TestComplete will consider pixels of any color identical.

  • Pixel tolerance - Specifies the allowed number of dissimilar pixels.

    If the number of such pixels is less than or equal to Pixel tolerance, TestComplete considers the images identical. The default value is 0. This means that all pixels must coincide. You can specify the exact number in the spin edit box, or set the allowed percentage of dissimilar pixels using a slider control.

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