Adding or Removing Images and Editing Their Properties

Applies to TestComplete 15.42, last modified on August 01, 2022

The Add Image to Image Repository wizard shows this page if you add several images to your Image Repository.

This page lists the added images. You can edit recognition parameters for each image from the list. Also, on this page, you can add more images to the list or remove those that are not needed.

To set the recognition area and recognition parameters of an image, select the image on the list and click Edit.

To add another image, click Add and browse for the needed image in the resulting dialog.

To remove an image, select it on the list and click Remove.

If you have chosen to associate several images with a single Image Repository item, you can specify the following parameters for the item:

  • Item name - Specifies the name of the new Image Repository item.

    The default name generated by TestComplete is based on the name of the first image file.

    The name will be used to address the element from scripts, so it must be a valid script identifier. The scripting languages supported by TestComplete have different naming rules. To specify a name that can be used in any language, start the name with a letter and enter only letters, digits and underscore characters.

  • Composite control - Specifies whether the item is a composite or a simple control.

    This property is relevant to Android applications only. For composite controls (like date-time pickers, table views or expandable lists), TestComplete records user actions with exact touch coordinates. For simple controls (like buttons or check boxes), it records user actions without coordinates.

Click Finish to add images to the Image Repository and close the wizard. Click Cancel to close the wizard without adding any images.

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