Working With Databases Using BDE - Requirements

Applies to TestComplete 15.42, last modified on August 01, 2022
Accessing databases by using the Borland Database Engine (BDE) is deprecated. Do not use it to create new tests. It will be removed from the product in one of the future releases. As an alternative, you can access databases by using the Microsoft Active Data Object (ADO). See Using ADO Components.

To access databases from tests by using the Borland Database Engine, the following requirements must be met:

  • Use the 32-bit version of TestComplete.

    Accessing the Borland Database Engine from the 64-bit version of TestComplete is not supported.

  • The BDE Support plugin must be enabled in TestComplete.

    This plugin is installed and enabled automatically during the TestComplete installation. To check if the plugin is enabled, select File > Install Extensions from the TestComplete main menu and locate the plugin in the Common group.

  • The Borland Database Engine must be installed on your computer.

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