Working With Databases Using BDE

Applies to TestComplete 15.40, last modified on March 25, 2022
Accessing databases by using the Borland Database Engine (BDE) is deprecated. Do not use it to create new tests. It will be removed from the product in one of the future releases. As an alternative, you can access databases by using the Microsoft Active Data Object (ADO). See Using ADO Components.

If your tested application uses the Borland Database Engine to manage databases and tables, you can use the engine in your tests to access these databases and tables directly and verify that the application updates them correctly. For example, you can verify that the New Client dialog adds a new record to the database and does not leave the new record in a local buffer.

To access the BDE from tests, you use the BDE scripting object. The object provides a number of data-aware OLE interfaces similar to the data-aware VCL objects:

Interfaces in BDE Support Plugin VCL Analogue
IAQADataset TDataset
IAQABDEDataset TBDEDataset
IAQADBDataset TDBDataset
IAQATable TTable
IAQAQuery TQuery
IAQAStoredProc TStoredProc
IAQADatabase TDatabase
IAQAIndexDef TIndexDef
IAQAFieldDef TFieldDef
IAQAIndexDefs TIndexDefs
IAQAFieldDefs TFieldDefs
IAQAParam TParam
IAQAParams TParams
IAQADataField TField
IAQABookmark TBookmark
IAQABookmarkStr TBookmarkStr

The BDE interfaces implement the same methods and properties as their VCL analogues, using the same names. See the Borland VCL documentation for the matching classes.

The Borland Database Engine must be installed on your computer.

To learn how to access databases by using the BDE object, you can see the following examples:

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