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Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on May 16, 2024

The Breakpoints panel lists all breakpoints that exist in the current project suite.

Each row of the Breakpoints list corresponds to a breakpoint that is set in a keyword test or a script unit that is included in your project suite. The Breakpoints panel is empty if no breakpoints have been set.

The panel columns hold the following information about each breakpoint:

Column Description
Enabled Specifies whether the breakpoint is enabled or disabled. TestComplete does not stop the test execution on disabled breakpoints. If the Debug > Enable Debugging menu item is unselected, all breakpoints become disabled.

Enabled and disabled breakpoints have different colors:

- enabled breakpoint

- enabled breakpoint on a line that may or may not be executable

- disabled breakpoint

Line number The line number in the keyword test or script unit where the breakpoint is set.
Location The name of the keyword test or script unit that contains the breakpoint, in the format:



Routine The name of the script routine where the breakpoint is set. This value is empty for breakpoints in keyword tests.
Condition Condition parameter for the breakpoint, if any. Conditional breakpoints have the , or glyph. For more information, see Conditional Breakpoints and Breakpoints - Creating Conditional Expressions.
Note: The specified condition expression should be on the scope of the execution point. If the condition includes unavailable variables, it becomes undefined.
Pass count The breakpoint’s pass count– the number of times the breakpoint is ignored before the test execution pauses on this breakpoint. If it is 0, the breakpoint is triggered every time. Breakpoints with a non-zero pass count have the , or glyph to indicate that they are conditional.
Description Any descriptive text on the breakpoint.

You can adjust the panel columns using the customization capabilities provided by TestComplete. You can also dock and undock the Breakpoints panel as you do with any other TestComplete panels (see Docking).

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